“When I first met Kaitlynn, I was at a point in my life in which I was depleted of all mental and emotional strength.  I had zero self confidence and was facing some major life changes.  With her help, I've learned the beauty of self love and have grown into a person I never imagined I'd become.  I'm the happiest I've ever been and Kaitlynn was undoubtedly instrumental in making that happen. Her knowledge in the various aspects of healing has helped in all areas of my life and I'm thankful for her every single day!”

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“My husband and I started seeing Kaitlynn over a year ago. She honestly helped us save our marriage. We’ve been able to work on our relationship and our communication with Kaitlynn.  She has helped us focus on the love we need to give ourselves as well. She makes herself available whenever we have an emergency come up and genuinely cares about us. She always stays very objective and helps each of us see the other one’s perspective. I honestly don’t know where we’d be without her."

“When I first started seeing Kaitlynn a year ago I had been to other therapists in the past, but didn't have a very good connection with them. I decided to try again because I was grappling with a culmination of new challenges in my career, a lack of emotional IQ to handle anger and other negative emotions and various family stressors.

Since starting to see Kaitlynn on a regular basis I have transitioned into a new more challenging role at work, I have become more open minded and less judgmental of others, I have been able to more easily discern aspects that are within my control and not within my control, which has helped to alleviate much of my anger and emotional baggage that I had been holding onto for years.” 

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“Kaitlynn came into my life during a time of need. I was in a huge transition with my life while changing my major in college and navigating my many identities. She pushed me to look inside myself and deeply find the things that make me move.

This was an emotional and physical experience of exploration. Her process was about finding the light within ourselves and visualizing where we want to be in many creative and engaging ways. I feel like I was able to learn a new language and found ways to express my feelings without saying words. This has helped me navigate many situations I have faced in my life since I ended my work with her. She has added a new dimension of self-care to my life and I am forever grateful" 

“Every time I work with Kaitlynn, I am brought to a state of trust and ease yet again. All it takes is a smile from her and barriers begin to fall - she has a way of making one feel comfortable, which is essential with this form of work. Kaitlynn navigates one through a safe container that enables the open work of creative expression - ultimately allowing us to shatter barriers within.  Genuine. Phenomenal. The real deal. She is deeply connected to her work and her clients - I highly recommend.” 


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“Kaitlynn is a beautiful yoga teacher.  Her genuine love for her students is obvious as she leads, encourages, and cues through class.  Your practice will be enhanced as you let her guide you through postures.  I highly recommend any of her classes!!!”

“There are no words that can truly describe the essence of Kaitlynn Morelli. She led a yoga class with a taste of acroyoga for a bunch of medical school students that was energizing, motivating, challenging and yet at the same time, perfectly grounding and relaxing. It was exactly what we needed to destress. While many of us were familiar with yoga, none of us had experienced acroyoga, but she did a phenomenal job leading us through different poses and her knowledge of proper posture, support, and mindfulness was reflected in her teaching. She is a brilliant yoga instructor, but more importantly a phenomenal person whose humor, intelligence, and guidance shines through in her lessons. We hope to have more classes in the future and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs a little extra loving and life support when challenges present  themselves.”


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“Kaitlynn Morelli as I see her. Graceful beauty, trusted company, truth seeker, safe confidant, experienced navigator, inspiring transformation, peace seeker, energy builder/releaser, comfort creator, charmingly fun, modest professional, confidence builder at all ages and stages of life! In the years I’ve know Kaity, she has helped me experience higher confidence levels and rekindled my love for dance. Kaity’s positive attitude draws me in every time we meet. See if she brings out any of these qualities in you.”

“My first visit to the MINDs Eye Meditation & Healing Center was pure bliss.  My experience with Kaitlynn and the fellow students were so welcoming and helpful. THIS WAS THE BEST DAY EVER! I will surely be returning for another Aerial Yoga class ASAP. Thanks for the beautiful start to my day.



“Amazing Yoga Teacher Training with Kaitlynn Morelli and some fabulous busting-out-of-the-box dance/movement therapy. Pretty sure I’ll be an awesome yoga teacher because of it! So grateful to my yoga studio for incorporating this workshop!”

“The last day of my Somatics class each member of my cohort was asked to dance out their beginning, middle, & end experience. After mine, my entire class was in tears. One guy said "that must of felt great"! God it did! A lot was released. This is all thanks to Kaitlynn for introducing me to dance therapy! She was the first person who gave me a safe container to finally test the territory.”