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new moon Ecstatic dance

The Mind’s Eye Healing and Meditation Center, Macomb Michigan

Enjoy an evening connecting to the energy of the new moon and igniting your inner dancer!

ONLY $10!
Immerse yourself into the music.
Move your body freely without judgement. 
Release negative energy and emotions. 
Create space for positive shifts and new intentions. 
Let your radiance shine bright!

dance & movement meditation workshop

The Mind’s Eye Healing and Meditation Center, Macomb Michigan

Inspired Healing is moving to a new location! As a way to celebrate—we are offering a FREE donation-based workshop at the Mind’s Eye to introduce the healing power of Dance/Movement Therapy.

Come enjoy a movement meditation that will connect you to your own personal mind/body/spirit connection. Release your inhibitions, dance with your community, and open up your radiance!

Have more questions about D/MT? This is the perfect opportunity to meet with me personally and ask ANY questions you may still have about dance/movement therapy and how you can benefit from it.



Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, East Lansing Michigan

As the doctor-patient relationship continues to evolve, there is a need to refresh the approach regarding this dynamic connection.  This workshop integrates the arts through storytelling and non-verbal exercises, inviting the participants to explore their individual, creative expression. Participants are introduced to new concepts, strategies, and techniques to more fully explore their patients’ personal histories and to engage the whole person while recalibrating the doctor-patient paradigm. Additionally, participants are invited to consider the ways in which their own empathic capacities inform their relationship with their patient. This workshop was graciously hosted by Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theatre.


Good Karma Yoga Studio, Howell, Michigan

Experience the healing vibrations of Dixon's Violin coupled with the creative expression of authentic movement in this hour workshop. All proceeds will go towards a multi-community attempt to raise $5,250 for a cochlear implant upgrade for our local yoga teacher, Adam Boettger. 

Teachers will span across different lineages and communities united in the true essence that is yoga. Asana practice and classes will be provided from sunrise beyond sunset, featuring meditation and live sounds. 

Suicide Prevention Awareness Yoga & Acro Class

Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, September 10th

Come celebrate LIFE with the medical students at MSUCOM to bring greater awareness to the importance of mental, physical, and spiritual health during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Meet us at Fee Hall, East Lansing, Michigan to learn new skills in yoga 101 and acro yoga. Try something new and seek joy with a friend!

The Power of Music and Movement

August 23rd, Petruzzello's Banquet and Conference Center

Southeast Michigan Catholic Charities Senior Wellness Day

The mind, body & spirit are connected, and have the ability to heal one another. Invite a playful approach to healing through mindful and expressive dance! This program is sure to get your body moving, your mind expanding, and your spirit shining!

Nartana Flow Intensive

Good Karma Yoga Studio, Howell Michigan

Nartana means to dance; Explore your creativity with yoga flows and expressive dance.

Learn improvisational dance techniques to take your yoga practice OFF of the mat and to the next level!

Celebrate your accomplishment with a final performance on Sunday, all are welcome to attend.

Aroma Dance Workshop

Good Karma Yoga Studio, Howell, Michigan

Experience an evening of dance combined with the power of essential oils as we open our chakras and our creative expression during this group exploration!

All New Play and Art Therapy Techniques That Inspire Healing For Adolescents to Adults

21st Annual MIAPT Play Therapy Conference, Lansing, Michigan, February 2017

In this experiential workshop we will learn specific play and art therapy techniques that you can begin utilizing in your practice immediately. This includes both individual and family therapy techniques.

“Compartmentalization”--Polysemy Dance Concert

Choreography for MSU Orchesis Dance
East Lansing, Michigan, Mar 18, 2016 - Mar 20, 2016, RCAH Auditorium at Snyder-Phillips

Kaity is an alumnus of MSU and a former MSU Orchesis Dance president. Through her minor in dance, she was given the opportunity to co-produce, choreograph, and perform for several repertory and student dance concerts. Her evolution of dance continued with a master’s degree from Columbia College Chicago in dance/movement therapy and counseling. In Chicago, Kaity has continued to perform, choreograph, and produce professional dance concerts. As a dance/movement therapist, her choreographic process is authentically inspired by the dancers themselves, curating their individual movement qualities and stories—creating a cohesive narrative.

Typecast (v): to assign an individual repeatedly to the same type of role, as a result of the appropriateness of their appearance or previous success in such roles.

What transpires when we return, and discover that we have expanded beyond the boundaries that were once so perfectly constructed for us?

Introspection Workshop

Michigan State Orchesis Dance, East Lansing, Michigan. November 8th

This workshop will focus on self-reflection through the exploration and examination of movement. Guided by improvisational prompts, dancers will explore the meaning of their movement on a personal level, while creatively collaborating with fellow dancers. The connection between mind, body, and spirit will be explored through basic dance/movement therapy techniques, while encouraging a deeper understanding of the self.

Healing From Within: Self-care for the Future Doctor

Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine’s Leadership Academy for Compassionate Care on November 5th, 2016

Medical students will discover new ways in which to creatively experience self-care as they continue to study and heal future patients. During this course, attendees will explore body knowledge and self-expression as an inroad to self-care. Attendees will experience a movement experiential inviting elements of meditation, improvisation, exploration, body awareness, and self-compassion. Personal reflection and processing will take place during a final group discussion.