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Inspired Healing’s approach to treatment is unique in the fact that it is extremely individualized and can often be mobile. This means that the therapy can come to YOU. I can offer treatment from the comfort of your own home, or a mutually agreed upon safe and nurturing environment (often a studio space). For many, the idea of walking into a therapeutic treatment center can be overwhelmingly daunting. The idea of beginning the healing process from within the home is not only appealing for most clients due to the convenience, but it also deepens the concept of holistic healing by beginning at the source where most people spend their time.

However, some of my clients truly prefer to separate the therapy room from their living environment. The reasons behind this decision are unique to each client, and are absolutely validated and supported by me. Every individual is different, and I always honor the wishes of my clients. If this is the case for you, I have studio space available at 7771 Auburn Rd, Utica, MI 48317 or 444 W Maple Rd Suite E, Troy, MI 48084. 

This confidential treatment can also be honored for any client who does not live in Michigan, or who prefers electronic sessions--Providing video or phone conferences in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

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I work with individuals, children/adolescents, couples, caregivers, families, and groups. I currently present my body-based therapy work in various settings including medical school programs, yoga studios, high schools, community health centers, and at professional conferences. With a varying population, my approach to treatment requires the ability to travel to best suit the therapeutic needs of each client.

The duration and intensity of our work together is determined by the specifics of your situation. While research supports the idea that work with clients long term provides an opportunity to truly understand their inner world, develop a trusting therapeutic relationship, and create more long lasting positive outcomes--my ultimate goal is to meet you where you are at, and to guide you in a way that best supports your individual circumstances.

I work with a wide range of emotional, behavioral, relational, social, cognitive, and spiritual issues. If you want to work on a particular issue, such as thinking through the pros and cons of additional schooling, professional development, or a new job, our work together might be shorter term.  However, for deeper issues such as trying to understand longstanding feelings of sadness, anxiety, unworthiness, or relationship challenges, our work together may be longer in duration. This will allow us the time to explore what is truly causing your distress and to fully understand the complicated elements of your life that have shaped who you are and how you perceive the world. Together we can make the connections between the sources of negative patterns and how they play out in your everyday life; while discovering news ways in which to more positively navigate them.

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