You deserve to have a wedding INSPIRED by YOU!

Inspired Weddings offers the following services to newly engaged or recently married couples:

Personalized Choreography for Your First Dance

Ballroom Dance Lessons

Premarital Counseling & Newlywed Life Coaching

Individualized Lettering and Décor



Choreographed and Inspired by YOUR UNIQUE LOVE.

A personalized dance created for you and your partner to highlight your individual skills and your love story.

Starting at $200


Ballroom Dance Lessons

Learn the basics that you need to tear up ANY dance floor, or to simply feel more confident on your wedding day.

$85 for 60 minute private lessons

$120 for 90 minute private lessons


Premarital Counseling


Newlywed Life Coaching

This is the most exciting new transition of your life! Start this next chapter with stronger communication, greater emotional support, and a deeper love connection. Set up your marriage for years of success!

Starting at $125 an hour


Projects inspired

by you

Seating Charts, Escort Cards, Signage, Specialized Decor & More! Any creative project that you would like to be uniquely YOURS on your special day.

Pricing based on number of guests, labor, materials, etc.

Congratulations on starting this new chapter of your lives together!

Please feel free to contact me with ANY questions you may have on your journey to an Inspired Wedding & Marriage

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